Millionaires and billionaires seem to buy themselves some pretty great gifts! In fact, it has been reported that the World’s most expensive yacht, the “History Supreme” has been purchased by an “anonymous” Malaysian businessman for a reasonable $4.5billion dollars!

Over the years, a number of online surveys have reported the spending habits of the rich and the ultra-rich, and it would seem that the amount being spent continues to grow year on year!

Have you ever given any thought to what you would treat yourself to if money wasn’t an object? We’ve rounded up our favourite big spender boys toys!

Our Top 5 Ultimate Boys Toys:

1. A Helicycle

For only $395,000 USD you can treat your yourself to an insane combination of a motorcycle and a gyrocopter, basically a flying motorcycle. Boasting 230 horsepower and a 4-cylinder engine, this mental helicycle can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 8 seconds. Imagine cruising at altitudes of up to 4000 feet!

2. An Amphibious Surface Watercraft

If you like boating, you’ll love this partially submersible watercraft for $300,000 USD. You can bob along above water and then dip beneath the waves for underwater viewing. This watercraft drives right off the back of a trailer – it doesn’t even need a dock.

3. A Life Sized T-Rex Skeleton

We all love dinosaurs, and you’re sure to be thrilled with your very own life-sized T-Rex. This museum grade skeleton is 40 feet tall from tail to nose, and it is sure to look great in your back garden – if it fits. This particular model is a replica of Stan, a T-Rex that was discovered in South Dakota in 1992. Best of all, you can choose to have Stan posed in any position that you like – lunging, crouching or standing tall.

4. A Golf Cart Hovercraft

Do you like to play golf? Want to make your way between the holes in style? A boring old golf cart just won’t do. This hovercraft will glide comfortably over all sand traps, water hazards and patchy grass on a cushion of air. At around $58,000 USD, you can show off amongst your golfing friends!

5. A Barbeque Boat

If you like boating and grilling, then you’re sure to love combining both of these things into one amazing experience. This Barbeque Dining Boat is kitted out with a built in BBQ grill, a trolling motor and a full dining area with an umbrella. With full storage for food, a cooler for cold beers and a sound system to keep the classic rock tunes pumping, your will be in your element. Although at $50,000 USD, your bank account might be less enthused!

What would your ultimate boy’s toy be? How much would you spend on your ultimate boys’ toy? Why not share your opinions on a wide range of topics by filling out surveys with Valued Opinions. After all, online surveys are a great way to share your views and get rewarded.

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