Winter has finally come to an end, and beautiful Spring has arrived as we welcome the warmer months ahead! It’s a great time to be outside whether you want to hit the waves, enjoy the Opera, go on pleasant walks, or just meet up with with friends, Spring is the perfect time to do all of that and more!

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The kids are still in school, and you might be looking to re-stock up on some essentials for them. Whilst pens, backpacks, books and other school essentials are usually affordable on their own, when you start filling up your basket the costs can really start to add up.

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The Top 5 School Essentials That Your Kids Can’t Do Without


School isn’t school without a cool backpack – with so many to choose from it can be hard to decide. Whether you want to splash out on a designer brand, or get one that’s personalized, your kids will have the perfect place to store their books, stationary, gym kit and more.

Pens / Pencils

No backpack is complete without a set of pens and pencils. Because notes need to be taken during class and homework needs to be done.

Notepads & Books

Making notes, working out sums and revising actually make up the majority of your child’s ‘school experience’. Hence why this essential has made it into our top 5.


While a notepad and pen or even a basic calculator can come in handy when working out general sums, a scientific calculator is perfect for trigonometric ratios, radii and fractions to name only a few of its functions.

Lunch Box

Now that you have our top must have essentials, you need a stylish lunch box that is also BPA food grade safe, easy to carry, water proof and will keep food fresh until lunch!

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