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It seems like home really is where the heart is! We asked thousands of our panelists whether they would prefer a home cooked meal or a romantic city break as a Valentine’s gift, and a huge 49% opted for a home cooked meal! It just goes to show – it really is the thought that counts.

We asked people a few questions on the most romantic day of the year, and the results were unexpected!

What do people think is the perfect Valentine’s Day date?


Passion in Paris or Romance in Rome?

We asked people which cities they thought were most romantic. Despite those classic scenes in An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle, people said the Big Apple just didn’t compare to romantic Roma or Paris. In fairness that is some pretty good competition!

Perhaps more surprisingly, Rome managed to best the city of light too. Those elegant boulevards apparently don’t compare to the renaissance laneways of the Italian capital. The idea of eating mouth-watering pasta, pizza and gelato and drinking wine by candlelight in Italy was more appealing for some reason!

An Intimate Dinner for Two

One thing is for sure, our members certainly care about their food. Our poll also said that the most romantic location for a date was at home, with a restaurant coming in second place. Let’s be honest, we can all appreciate a bit of privacy can’t we?

Bars proved very unpopular with only 2% saying they would like to spend their romantic night out on the town. There’s nothing sexy about a hangover, right?


What means the most to you?

We asked our members which romantic gesture they would most appreciate this Valentine’s Day. Amazingly, 49% of people said they’d rather have a romantic meal cooked for them at home than a romantic city break! So get those cookbooks out and beat the Valentine’s rush for those aphrodisiac foods. Oysters will sell out fast!

Only 16% said that flowers were the most romantic gesture (though it can’t hurt!) But which flowers are best?


Are Valentine’s Traditions Cliché?

On the subject of marriage, opinions were divided too. We asked whether people thought it was OK for a woman to do the proposing. Almost a quarter of people said that men should always do the asking, and that the tradition should be respected. However, that means that a massive 77% of people said that women should embrace modernity and follow their hearts.

So what about other traditions? A quarter of our members thought that roses were cliché, but a huge 75% of people said that red roses were still a great gift.


The Perfect Valentine’s Date

We can officially reveal the best dates for Valentine’s Day, based on that most romantic thing – data.

You can’t do much better than a home cooked meal with your loved one, so you don’t need to spend money on a city break to impress her. She will still appreciate roses though and you might want to opt for Italian food.

However, if you are planning to propose to your man, Rome is the city to do it in. The romantic lane-ways are perfect for finding private places to canoodle, and the evidence shows that he probably won’t mind being proposed to. It’s all about the love!

Happy Valentine’s Day and lots of love from Valued Opinions Voice.

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